The only BXX smart contract can be found here any others are not formed by Baanx


The token powering the Baanx ecosystem

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Receive rewards for holding, staking or simply sending the BXX token.

Benefit from fast, free and secure money remittance around the globe.

Hold the BXX token within the Baanx app. It is quick and easy to set up a wallet!


The BXX Vision

Imagine a world where you can swap crypto for free, remit across the globe for free and earn crypto rewards from your daily spending.

This is the world of the Baanx platform, a Crypto-as-a-Service Fintech, bridging the worlds of crypto & fiat; so Fintechs globally can offer their users the latest technology.

Key Features

• Receive rewards for holding, staking or simply spending the BXX token
• Fast, free and secure remittance around the globe

BXX Token Contract Audit Report